DIY Tree Removal: Why It Should Not Be an Option

diy tree removal

Experience quickly proves that DIY tree removal can be a frustrating and risky exercise. Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC is a leading provider of tree removal in Port Orange and its surrounding areas. Our licensed arborists serve many residents and business owners in the area who have found that risking their safety to save a few bucks was not worth the effort.

Are you or someone you know planning to cut timber with nothing but rented tools and online tutorials? Read our tips below to learn about the challenges you can expect without professional help.

Gravity is an Invisible Opponent

Gravity makes tree removal potentially fatal with a lack of equipment and support. Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that arborists, landscapers, and tree care experts suffer fifteen times more fatalities when compared to other dangerous industries, such as long-haul trucking and aviation. They also suffer three times more nonfatal injuries, which is why they visit urgent care facilities and emergency rooms more often. 

The above statistics happen after years of training and professional experience. How much higher is the risk to untrained people? It is far better to rely on professional landscapers for competent, safe tree removal services at residential and commercial properties in Port Orange, FL.

The benefits of working with a team like Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC might include the following:

  • Quick, safe removal of diseased and dead trees
  • Well-maintained trees and stumps close to nearby structures 
  • Improved real estate values with neater, safer trees in the yard

Supervised work from ISA-licensed professionals uses the power of gravity to its advantage. The right tools and training also alleviate the risk of injury or even death for property owners trying to remove trees themselves.

Tree Damage Can Be Challenging to Detect

When a tree suffers a fungal or insect infestation, its branches die and hollow out. They also suffer from old age or unusual weather patterns. Even healthy trees lose branches for no apparent reason because they have unseen root damage.

We serve many business owners who leave tree care to licensed professionals after facing expensive lawsuits against workplace injuries. It is better to let a local company handle this task.

DIY Tree Removal is Expensive

Arborists and landscapers invest in high-quality truck-loaded equipment. Tree removal requires an extensive inventory, including the following:

  • Chainsaws with well-maintained and sharpened belts
  • Telescopic cranes
  • Harnesses
  • Wood chippers and more

They split the investment in this equipment over hundreds of jobs so that each customer enjoys cost-efficient service rates. Doing it yourself means shouldering the operational and rental costs for tree-cutting equipment, as well as the extensive list of charges if you break something. Professionals like us have insurance, licenses, and training to ensure no customer is ever liable for on-the-job accidents or injuries.

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