Four Tree Pruning Mistakes Your Contractor Makes

tree pruning mistakes

Pruning takes years to master, and many people overestimate their pruning ability. Tree pruning mistakes endanger your tree, property, and yourself. Always choose a reliable, licensed, and insured company when you need tree services in Port Orange

The right company will walk you through their process and ensure your tree stays in peak health. Their safety and the safety of the tree are always the top priority.

If you’re wondering if your current contractor is right for you, read this list of common pruning mistakes. 

1. Pruning at the Wrong Time

Only prune your trees in good weather. Heavy rain, winds, or snow will endanger your life and make the tools difficult to use. Tree pruning is a specialized task that requires steady hands, which is challenging to maintain in inclement weather. 

The time of year matters too. Early spring or late winter are ideal times to prune your tree because the tree is dormant. The tree stores energy during winter, leaving more energy to heal its wounds. 

If you prune during the summer, the tree must spend all the energy it normally directs toward new growth to healing. Pruning during the summer affects the tree’s fruit, leaf growth, and flowers. 

2. Topping Trees

Topping trees, or chopping off the top of the tree, is one of the top tree pruning mistakes a person can make. Initially, people believed this practice would help the tree fruit later in the year. We now know that topping can severely damage or kill a tree. 

3. Over-Pruning and Bad Pruning Techniques

Over-pruning and poorly pruning are common mistakes you can make. Chopping below the branch collar may kill a tree. The branch collar is the thickest part at the bottom of the branch and stores the required energy for healing wounds. 

Over-pruning will also damage the tree. It’s challenging to determine how much you should take off, but with their years of experience, the right company will have this knowledge.

It’s best to go slow when pruning—you cannot uncut a branch, but you can prevent over-cutting with a careful eye.

4. Using Blunt Pruning Tools

Without the proper pruning tools, you can’t safely trim the tree. If the blades are blunt, they are hard to grasp, making it easy to fall and hurt yourself. You cannot substitute pruning tools.

If you don’t have what you need, call a professional. 

Find another company if you see your contractor using dull blades or incorrect tools. The wrong tools can kill or damage your tree and imperil the tree climber. A quick and effective cut will mitigate the damage and appear more attractive. 

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Always do your research before hiring your tree contractor. A company making these common tree pruning mistakes will endanger themselves and your property. 

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