Six Reasons To Remove Tree From Yard Even If It’s Healthy

Many homeowners balk at the idea of removing a healthy tree from their yard. It may seem counterproductive or downright wrong, especially if the tree shows no sign of disease. However, you may need to remove a tree from your yard for many reasons regardless of its overall health.

Learn the six most common reasons to remove a tree from your yard, even if it’s healthy, with the trained arborists at Port Orange’s tree removal company.

1. Make Room for Preferred Trees

Too many trees growing in the same space makes it difficult for any tree to grow to its full potential. If you have a preference between your trees, you may opt to have one or more of them cut down. This action provides a safer, healthier environment for your preferred trees and allows them to bloom fully.

2. Remove Potential Safety Hazards

We all know the dangers of dead trees, but living trees may also harbor dangerous problems. Dead branches in an otherwise healthy tree may fall onto structures during the next big storm, while hazardous trees with plenty of life in them may have grown at a dangerous angle or over a power line.

3. Appease the Neighbors

Angry neighbors make life irritating, especially if it’s because they want you to remove a tree from your yard. They may have issues with how much of the tree grows over their property line, the sprawl of roots, or annual parts of the tree’s life cycle, such as dropping pine cones or walnuts. Removing part of or the entire tree can make life smoother and restore relationships between you and your neighbors.

4. Improve Property Impact

Tree roots grow quickly and can wrap themselves around anything in their way. Underground power lines or water pipes can sustain damage from invading tree roots, while other roots can push themselves out of the ground and cause damage to driveways, sidewalks, and fences. Removing a tree that’s taking over your property rids you of the headache of fighting it.

5. Enjoy a Better View

Sometimes trees grow too tall or wide, obstructing your view and interrupting an otherwise beautiful landscape. Many homeowners choose to remove a tree that’s grown too large, so they can plant new, smaller trees that they can train into growing where and how they wish.

6. Improve Home Value

If you plan to sell your home soon, removing a tree can open up the yard and make the property more attractive to potential buyers. You can also replace the tree with another structure, like a shed or pool, to raise your home’s value.

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Some homeowners wonder if they can remove a tree themselves. Learn about DIY tree removal.

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