How & When to Fertilize Evergreen Trees

Fertilizing evergreen trees is a simple and easy way to keep your lush green foliage healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. With the right fertilization plan tailored to your landscape’s unique needs, you can ensure that your evergreens look their best each season.

 In this blog post, Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC, trusted tree service professionals in Port Orange, explain how and when to fertilize evergreen trees so you can have a healthy and beautiful landscape all year. 

The Best Time to Fertilize Evergreens

You need to look for key signs to determine if it’s time to fertilize your evergreens. Fertilization is essential for evergreens to maintain a consistent color. Therefore, if you notice that your evergreen trees don’t have a consistent foliage color, the chances are that they need fertilization. 

Another common sign that your evergreens need fertilization is slower new growth. However, it’s worth noting that young or newly transplanted evergreens may exhibit slow growth until they’re re-established. 

If you’ve recently replanted your evergreen trees or transferred them to a new place, adding a slow-release fertilizer is advisable. The fertilizer will promote root re-establishment and repair any damage that occurred during the move. 

You can also fertilize evergreen trees to prevent disease or illness; spring is the perfect time for that. Fertilizing in springtime ensures your trees have sufficient time to absorb the nutrients and capitalize on the benefits of the fertilizer for their growth over spring and summer. 

You may not get the best results if you want to apply fertilizer later in the summer. In addition, you should avoid fertilizing during a drought or extremely dry weather. Fertilizing at this time usually makes it difficult for plants to absorb water and eventually die. 

What Is the Best Fertilizer for Evergreens?

The best fertilizer to use on your evergreens depends on several factors. A soil test can help you determine the right fertilizer.

With the test, you can confirm if fertilization is necessary and the details of nutrients and organic matter absent in the soil. Generally, slow-release fertilizers are ideal for evergreen trees. Besides evenly distributing the nutrients your trees require, these fertilizers go directly into the roots to promote water absorption.   

How Much Fertilizer to Use on Evergreens

Tree experts often give fertilizer recommendations in pounds per thousand square feet. To find out how much complete fertilizer you need, estimate how many square feet your evergreen trees cover. 

A common recommendation for fertilizer application is two to four pounds of nitrogen per thousand square feet of soil surface. You should apply this every two to four years. However, a pound of nitrogen is sufficient for mature, slower-growing trees. 

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