Why Your Overgrown Tree Needs To Be Removed

Trees are beautiful additions to any landscape. If you leave them to grow, their limbs can spread over an astonishing amount of space. However, having an overgrown tree in your yard or any urban environment can cause more harm than good, regardless of its beauty. 

Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC is a leading provider of safe and reliable tree removal services in Port Orange. Here, our team explains why removing overgrown trees from a property is sometimes best. 

Property Damage

A primary issues with overgrown trees is that their large branches can become dangerous. Large, overhanging branches are generally safe when the weather is mild. However, branches hanging over your home can cause significant property damage if winds increase. 

For instance, if you have large tree limbs extending over your roof, strong winds can cause the branches to sway. When they move, the branches can scratch the surface of your roof, leading to considerable roof damage and possible leaks into your home.

Injuries From Fallen Trees

Your home isn’t the only structure in danger of overgrown branches. Sometimes, big trees have dead, weak, or diseased limbs. On a windy day, those limbs could break off the tree and crash onto whatever is underneath. 

It’s not uncommon for dead or damaged branches to fall onto a house and penetrate the roof during stormy weather. This issue not only causes structural damage but could also injure people indoors. Limbs can also fall onto people in your yard or pedestrians outside your property. 

Overgrown trees with dense canopies pose the most danger. Tree trimming creates well-spaced branches and allows winds to pass through the canopy. 

Accidental Auto or Pedestrian Collisions

Hurricane season is the time of year when overgrown, low-hanging trees can cause issues for pedestrians and motorists. Sometimes, trees grow outward instead of upward, so branches may hang over sidewalks and driveways.

Those low-hanging branches can hang lower than normal during severe weather with heavy rain and intense winds. Depending on the branches’ location, they can impede people’s line of sight, dramatically increasing the risk of a collision. 

Hiding Places for Pests and People

Trees are fantastic landscape additions if you want to shade your property. Unfortunately, dense canopies can also shade wildlife like snakes, rats, and opossums. The closer the tree is to your home, the more it’s at risk for an infestation. 

Large trees can also provide perfect hiding spots for trespassers and burglars. A well-trimmed tree can still give shade, but it won’t be easy for unwelcomed guests to hide in them. 

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If you have an overgrown tree or other reasons to remove a tree from your yard, you might wonder about the possibility to plant a tree where one was removed. In such cases, don’t hesitate to contact Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC for both removal and advice on replanting. We offer everything from tree trimming to 24-hour emergency tree services at competitive prices.

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