Do Olive Trees Grow in Florida?

Do olive trees grow in Florida? The short answer is “Yes.” 

In this article, Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC, reliable tree service experts in Port Orange, FL, discusses this question in greater detail. 

Why Grow an Olive Tree?

These Mediterranean marvels are easy to grow and hardy. They are ideal for Florida because they are drought-resistant and love hot weather. However, temperatures below 15°F are fatal to an olive tree if the cold lasts for several days.

When you learn more about olive trees in Florida, the news is even more encouraging since these trees thrive in poor, sandy soils that would kill other crops. They require minimal care as gorgeous evergreens with attractive bark and leaves. The delicate white flowers also put on a lovely show in April or May before growing and ripening into tasty olives. 

In Florida, the olive tree may only flower after about three years, with another year to bear fruit. A mature tree will typically produce a heavy crop one year and a light one the next, ensuring you still get to enjoy the fruit each year.

Caring for Your Florida Olive Trees

So, do olive trees grow in Florida? Yes, they do. But it takes some work to ensure that you have a healthy tree and a harvest of excellent quality.

Olive trees do best in a garden with full sunlight. So, follow these tips if you want to help your Florida olive tree produce a bountiful harvest:

  • Location. Plant the tree in full sunlight and sandy soil that drains well. These trees thrive on neglect once established. 
  • Feeding. It’s best to consult an arborist about a feeding schedule, as not everything works well. For example, nitrogen fertilizer may speed up shoot growth but retard fruit production.
  • Watering. Olive trees come from an arid region and can even make an attractive container plant for a short time. However, they are susceptible to root rot disease, and overwatering them is as damaging as underwatering them.
  • Pruning. Any pruning takes some expertise because you don’t want to prune off the fruit-bearing branches. Olives always start in a different place on the main stem, so pruning new growth can hamper production. Rather, ask for professional help.
  • Pests. Olives are resistant to most Florida pests aside from scale, grasshoppers, and caterpillars. If you notice signs of infestation, act immediately. 

The Best Types of Olive Trees for Your Florida Location

There is a wide range of options for olive trees in Florida. Do you want to harvest fruit, or will this be an ornamental tree? Does it change your mind to realize that you must process fresh olives to remove their bitterness?

Here are some varieties that are good for beginners: 

  • Arbequina Olive  
  • Mission Olive 
  • Pendolino Olive Tree 

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