What To Do When a Branch Breaks Off a Tree?

A broken tree branch poses a danger to not only your home, vehicles, and family, but could put the tree at risk of premature death. Knowing what to do when a branch breaks off a tree helps you make informed decisions about how best to heal the tree or when you should let that branch go. With this short guide by the professional arborists at the top tree removal company in Port Orange, FL, homeowners can trust in the suggestions of experienced tree specialists.

Why Do Tree Branches Break?

Tree branches can break due to a number of reasons, including:

Sudden Limb Failure

Suddenly, with no apparent reason, an entire limb breaks off of your tree and crashes to the ground. This condition remains a mystery, with no obvious cause for the breakage.

Heavy Snowfall

Winter snows can weigh around one and a quarter pounds per inch, so deep snows can especially cause structural damage to tree branches.

Strong Winds

Storms bringing strong winds can weaken a tree’s branches until they finally break away.

Tree Rot

A tree infected with tree rot weakens over time, with the tree showing signs of decay by shedding the most diseased branches.

How to Handle a Broken Tree Branch

Many homeowners wonder what to do when a branch breaks off a tree, worried that the tree injury could cause more damage to the plant’s structure. Using three easy steps, you can address your tree’s broken branches:

1. Inspect the Damage

The first step to handling a broken tree branch consists of checking out the damage. Look for signs of wood rot along where the break in the branch makes the tree vulnerable, then examine the wound left from the lost limb to understand the severity of the possible damage.

2. Prune and Clear

Using gloved hands and pruning shears, trim down any errant branches and drag them away from the tree. If any of your branches hang over power lines or lean against them, hire professional tree specialists to help you take care of them safely.

3. Repair Broken Branches

While you can’t repair every broken branch, tree specialists have certain methods to mend some failed branches.

Small Branch Repairs

Pressing the broken limb against the wound it broke off from, you can use grafting tape to secure a strong connection between the two. A few months later, the limb should grow back together.

Large Branch Repairs

Grafting tape alone won’t fix a larger broken branch. However, you can use twine and tree crutches to stabilize the branch and hopefully get it to reattach to the main tree.

Trust Tree Experts to Help You With Broken Tree Branches in Port Orange

When a tree limb collapses, homeowners may wonder what to do when a branch breaks off a tree. The solution not only includes repairing the tree, but also take steps against further falling branches. When you need help with broken tree branches or want to learn about tree pruning mistakes at your Port Orange, FL, home, contact Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC at (386) 333-2252.

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