Why Are Curved Trees Dangerous?

Every professional arborist answers the question, “Why are curved trees dangerous?” at least once a month. Homeowners want to protect their vehicles and garages from property damage, and business owners are vigilant for any danger signs. As Port Orange’s tree removal service, every tree care professional from Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC knows what symptoms of structural damage to look for before cutting down or saving a tree.

Tree removal is not always the answer. An arborist can brace, cable, or build supporting structures to save curved trees. If you are curious whether you can salvage a curved or leaning tree in your back or front yard, you have found the right article.

Why Do Trees Grow Curved?

You can find healthy curved trees in many suburban and forest settings. They make surrounding plant life look more interesting, and many landscapers consider them a unique fixture in exterior design. It is unlikely you’ll go down a bike path in Port Orange and travel half a mile without seeing one of them.

The first settlers of Port Orange and Florida used curved trees to delineate river crossings, trails, and hunting spots. However, most people see them today as a safety and liability issue amid crowded suburbs and commercial hubs.

As licensed arborists, we understand their concerns. Most healthy trees grow straight trunks, and curvature is a sign of nearby sources of plant stress. Leaning trees look threatening from a distance, especially when they tower over homes and parking areas.

Trees grow curved trunks for three reasons:

  • Trees lean away from the wind in places where strong gusts are commonplace, such as between apartment buildings or open areas with no windbreaks.
  • Tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, and other adverse weather events can permanently alter the growth patterns of young trees.
  • A tree crown cannot source enough sunlight from its planting spot and must shift to an area where it can. Arborists call this process phototropism.

Are Curved Trees Dangerous?

So, why are curved trees dangerous? Many curved trees are starved of sunlight and nutrients as they mature, which is how they developed their irregular shapes in the first place. While you can find thousands of healthy curved trees in Port Orange, a professional inspection might indicate that the one in your yard never got its required nourishment.

Here are the top three reasons curved trees can be dangerous:

  • Lack of nutrition might prevent counterbalance roots from growing, making them prone to tipping over from strong winds.
  • Infestations and diseases can weaken their trunks carrying an imbalanced load, sometimes leading to a total collapse.
  • Curved trees can lean over playgrounds, powerlines, vehicles, and homes. They pose a structural risk during adverse weather events.
why are curved trees dangerous

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