5 Wind-Resistant Trees to Consider for Your Yard  

wind-resistant trees

Ever considered a tree’s wind resistance when planting trees? Most people don’t think it matters, especially if you live in a wind-prone area. Strong winds can cause major havoc for trees. 

Brittle, shallow-rooted, or multiple-trunk trees susceptible to wind damage can drop limbs or even collapse during a storm, causing property damage or injuries. Knowing a few wind-resistant trees before planting one or more in your yard comes in handy.  

Ultimately, you want tough, wind-resistant trees that will maintain their structural integrity and stay beautiful even after a storm. In this post, we highlight a few tree species that can withstand high winds, as advised by the best tree service company in Port Orange, FL.  

1.  Sand Live Oak  

Sand live oaks are large evergreen trees with a reputation for toughness. Once established, Live Oaks thrive in almost any location and boast exceptional wind and sand resistance. Their extensive roots and thick trunks make them among the sturdiest and most wind-resistant tree species.  

Live Oaks can also tolerate salty soils, making them ideal for hurricane-prone areas.  

2.  Bald Cypress  

Born to survive even in standing water, the Bald Cypress is a large deciduous tree that resembles an evergreen. Prominent features include an extensive root system and a tapered trunk that’s exceptionally thick at the base.   

Branches grow sparsely, with yellow-green leaves in the spring that turn reddish or orange in the fall for a spectacular display.  

3.  American Beech  

The American Beech tree features a dense canopy and characteristic silver-gray bark. These wind-resistant trees thrive in well-drained, acidic soils but won’t grow well in compacted or grassy areas.   

They also produce edible beech nuts and require minimal maintenance. Prune and trim off dead or damaged branches now and then, and you’ll have a sturdy wood tree with a strong ability to survive even after stormy weather.  

4.  Live Maples  

If you’ve ever used Maple syrup, it helps to know that it comes from Live Maples. Native to North America, these trees stand up well to strong winds and grow best in moist soil.   

The Norway Maple tree tops the list of the hardiest of all Maples, withstanding harsh weather conditions, drought, flooding, and high winds that other trees in the region cannot survive.  

5.  Southern Magnolia  

Southern Magnolias thrive in warm climates. They feature large white flowers and deep green foliage that makes them stand out. Relatively large and often planted for their aesthetic qualities, Magnolias also make for high wind and storm-resistant trees.  

People often use them as an attractive boundary between properties.  

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