What to Do About a Hollow Tree Trunk

Are you worried about the hollow tree trunk in your yard? Does it have unexpected guests taking up residence inside? Don’t panic just yet; our veteran crew can help.

As the go-to tree removal experts in Port Orange, we at Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC have diagnosed and treated our fair share of plants over the years. In the blog post, we break down the common causes of hollowing, explain whether they endanger your specimen, and offer actionable advice.

hollow tree trunk

Why Do Holes in Tree Trunks Form?

Tree hollows can form as a result of stress from improper care or physiological forces such as:

  • Insect attacks
  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infestations
  • Wind
  • Fire and heat
  • Lightning
  • Rain

These natural elements can breach and expose a tree’s heartwood, the dense inner layer of its trunk. In severe cases, the damage can cultivate a cavity large enough for creatures to nest or den in.

Do Hollow Tree Trunks Pose a Threat?

Most of the time, no. Trees only need their bark and the first few layers underneath to live. Any damage to the heartwood rarely impacts its health, and they quickly form callus tissue to seal off wounds.

As long as your specimen looks structurally sound, actively flourishes during the growing season, and doesn’t experience major structural shifts, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Don’t fill the hole with concrete either! Too many times have we encountered artificially sealed-off cavities that resulted in weakened cores and rotten wood.

Know When to Schedule a Professional Inspection

It pays to keep a close eye on your living landscape! Watch out for these common red flags and reach out to an expert the moment you notice them:

  • The presence of mushrooms or other fungi on the trunk
  • Excessive seeping from the tree’s wound
  • The trunk leaning or tiling
  • Unusual colors, cracks, and cavities on the bark
  • A swarm of flying insects near the crown
  • Dying branches or foliage

An experienced, ISA-certified arborist can identify your hollow tree trunk problem and recommend the appropriate treatment. Some solutions include tree cabling and limb support, pest or infection management, and strategic pruning.

Full Removal: A Last Resort

A weakened large tree can endanger your property and safety. Prolonged storms and high winds, coupled with a severe hollowing, can cause the tree to topple over unexpectedly. If your arborist detects a serious threat, they may suggest cutting down the specimen for your peace of mind.

Enlist the Help of An Expert

Do you have concerns about the big hollow tree on your property? Don’t gamble with your garden; contact Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC today. Our specialists can:

  • Evaluate the tree’s condition
  • Safely remove the tree and dispose of it
  • Use stump grinders to free up the space for new vegetation
  • And more

DIY tree removal is an incredibly dangerous task that can lead to serious injuries, property damage, and even death. Don’t risk it — give us a call at (386) 333-2252 and address your hollow tree trunk the safe and proven way.

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