What To Expect Before and After Tree Removal

In the interest of environmental conservation, you should remove a tree only as a last resort. Nonetheless, some circumstances make tree removal necessary. For example, you must remove any dead, diseased, dying, or hazardous tree from your yard as soon as possible. However, do you know what to expect before and after tree removal?  

As a top-rated tree removal company in Port Orange, we’ll discuss what typically happens before and following the tree removal process.  

What To Expect Before Tree Removal 

Before tree removal, expect the following.

A Tree Inspection 

Before tree removal, hire a certified arborist to examine the tree. The arborist needs to determine several factors, such as the tree’s age, size, width, and branch configuration. 

A thorough inspection allows the arborist to decide crucial things, such as the tree removal timeline and the best tools for the job. A large tree, for example, may require more resources for removal than a small one.  

Yard Preparation 

Clear your yard of any obstructions and keep it free of debris that might interfere with the process. You want to create enough room for the tree to lie flat on the ground after removal. As a rule of thumb, aim to clear space twice the tree’s height.  

However, there’s no harm in adding extra room as a precaution. Confirm that the tree won’t damage anything when it comes down, ensure you leave sufficient parking space for the tree removal team, and make sure that the workers have a clear path between their vehicles and your yard. 

Understanding why trees die and what happens before and after tree removal makes the tree removal process much less of a hassle.  

What To Expect After Tree Removal 

After tree removal, expect the following.

Tree Stump Removal 

Once the team removes the tree, you’ll likely have a stump in your yard. You may choose to keep or remove the stump. If you opt for stump removal, remember that most tree removal companies will charge extra for stump removal.  

Fill in the Gap  

Stump removal will usually leave your yard with an unsightly hole. To fill the hole and plant grass, remove debris, including tree roots left behind after stump grinding. Once the hole is clear of dirt, you may fill it using a shovel. 

Consider using fresh soil and some fertilizer to promote better growth of the grass seed. Hiring a tree removal service to fill in the gap and plant grass may also cost extra. 

Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance  

Count on Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC for the skill, precision, and extensive training to handle any tree service job. We have a competent team ready to serve you, and we offer various tree services, including: 

  • Tree removal  
  • Stump grinding  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • 24-Hour emergency services  

Call Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC at (386) 333-2252 for world-class tree services in Port Orange, FL. Reach out any time for more information on what to expect before and after tree removal or to discuss several reasons for removing a healthy tree

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