How Much Water Does a Tree Need in Ormond Beach, FL?

It goes without saying. Your trees need water to survive. However, just how much water does a tree need? Can your tree get by with rainwater alone?

In most cases, you won’t need to be the one watering your tree, especially if it’s fully mature. However, this might be different for tree owners in Ormond Beach, FL.

Read on as Ormond Beach’s expert tree service shows you how to determine how much water to give your trees.

how much water does a tree need

How Trees Lose Water

The key to determining how much water to give your trees is to understand how it loses water in the first place.

It might surprise you to learn that your tree doesn’t use up all the water it absorbs. Actually, most of the water ends up getting released back into the atmosphere in a process we call transpiration.

Trees growing in high temperatures tend to transpire a lot more frequently than those in cooler temperatures. This means that a tree growing in Ormond Beach, FL can end up losing several hundred gallons of water on a hot, dry day.

In such a case, not watering the tree could leave it severely dehydrated, and that’s the last thing you want.

Knowing How Much Water Your Tree Needs

With that in mind, how much water does a tree need in Ormond Beach, FL? Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer. The amount of water will vary depending on where your tree is in its lifecycle.

For a mature tree, the general rule is to use ten gallons of water per inch in diameter. This means that if the tree’s trunk is six inches in diameter, it’ll need sixty gallons of water. A newly planted tree will need more water in its first two years of life. However, this isn’t the only consideration to keep in mind.  

Factors To Consider When Watering Your Trees

Besides your tree’s age, the amount of water it’ll need will also depend on the following several factors.

The Presence of Mulch

Thanks to organic mulch, trees can retain water and moisture better. Therefore, if you mulch your trees, they might not need a lot of water, even when temperatures soar.


The hotter it is, the higher the rate of evaporation and transpiration. As such, you might have to give your tree more water than normal when the heat rises.

Soil Type

Be sure to check the soil before watering. This is because some soils retain water better than others. Using too much water could leave the soil soggy, which would only increase the risks of root rot.

Turn to Our Tree Care Experts for Help

Are you asking yourself, “How much water does a tree need?” The answer is a lot less straightforward than you might like it to be. Fortunately, our certified arborists are here to offer the professional guidance you need.

From helping you determine how much water your tree needs to showing you how to water mature trees, we’ve got you covered. Call Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC at (386) 333-2252 to schedule your consultation.

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