How To Save a Tree With Damaged Bark in Ormond Beach, FL

Learning how to save a tree with damaged bark is a useful skill if you’re an avid gardener. 

In this post, Dead or Alive Tree Service LLC, an Ormond Beach premium tree services team, explains more about how to heal torn bark and support tree health. 

Assess the Damage to Your Tree

Your first step is to determine whether or not the tree damage is natural. There are different species and even different types of bark where it’s normal for trees to shed regularly. 

Your next step is to determine the extent of the damage. If it covers less than a quarter of the tree, there’s a good chance of recovery. Your tree may recover if you see only up to 50% of the bark has been damaged, but anything over that drops the survival rate considerably. 

You also have to determine how deeply the tree wound goes. Is it superficial, or does it expose the underlying vascular tissue? The latter puts your tree at risk of disease or pest infestation.

The Professionals’ Simple Tree Repair Techniques

The assessment’s results can inform your arborist about how to save a tree with damaged bark. The tree professional may need to try a few different tree repair techniques, such as:

Bark Tracing 

This method heals minor tree damage. The arborist will do the following:

  • Smooth out jagged edges, trying to make the wound more circular. 
  • Use a chisel to gently remove excess bark. Clean tools minimize any potential tree damage at this point.

Clean, round wounds are easier for your tree to cover over as it heals.

Replacing Detached Bark

Do you see large sections of bark that are peeling off your tree? Check if this is natural for the tree species, as some shed annually. Even so, a tree that sheds will always have a new layer underneath it to protect its heartwood.

If it’s not normal bark shed and the pieces are still hanging on, an arborist might try to reattach them. 

  • Clean the area thoroughly with water.
  • Try to put the bark back in place. 
  • Secure the pieces using horticultural tape or something that can grow with the tree. 

Only use wire or duct tape in a pinch because it doesn’t work well. If the bark reattaches and these items are still in place, they can also cut off circulation as the tree grows. A wire will often cut into the bark to cause a new set of issues, so maybe let an arborist reattach the bark. 

When to Call the Tree Professionals

Does the bark damage extend around the entire trunk? Is there damage to the tree’s vascular tissue? Professionals use a bridge graft to connect the tree’s lower half and the leaves so that moisture and nutrients can flow both ways. 

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